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You can book your apartment through this website, if your booking requirements are different from our standard booking arrangements. Or your group is large and you require more apartments or you need to make special arrangements for your stay, such as special requirements for elderly people, or children.
Please email us at info@northerncypruskitesurfing.com

Welcome to NC Kitesurfing.

We would like to welcome you to Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing.com a one stop shop for your next kitesurfing holiday. We can arrange everything for you from your apartment, your hire car, kitesurfing lessons, tourist trips, organised downwinders and local nowledge.

We also offer Stand Up Paddleboarding /Kitesurfing/Wakeboarding equipment lessons/hire. We can advise you when and where to book your flights. Depending upon the time of the year, flight prices change and we have good experience with finding cheap flights for our customers..
We can also arrange airport pickups from Northern Cyprus's only airport Ercan also known as Nicosia or Leftkosa (same airport 3 names). And we can arrange taxi pickups from the Southern Cyprus airports of Paphos and Larnacca.
We are basically your guide, concierge and whether or not we are actually at the resort with you. We can still do this for you. The resort has its own staff and reception, who are available to you 24 hours a day and live on location. Every now and then we find the travelling expats need more info, specialist info as the resort staff are not kiteboarders.

Specials Page

Every now and then we have special offers, special deals and you can view these here.

Links Page

Feel free to browse our links page to local shops and services.

Over the years I have used local services within the local community. And local Turkish Cypriots have really helped me out. It's pretty daunting to arrive in a new country and to began a new life style. I have found the local community in the North to be great, very welcoming and helpful. As I do not speak Turkish, I rely on the English speaking, Turkish community. Many Turkish in the north have lived in the UK, studied in the UK, are duel citizen and are fluent in English. Many have chosen to return to their homeland because of its natural beauty and the simple lifestlye. Life in Northern Cyprus isnt easy in some parts, it isnt the UK, it is embargoed by the rest of the world and only Turkey recognises it. Saying this its flourishing incredible well with a form of cottage style industry that works amazingly well.

So if you looking for the following services, please check out links page.

Car Sales. Purchase, mechanical work. "Carland" Guzelyurt (back end of town, drive thru Guzelyurt from Afro direction, go round back of town and his car sales plot is there.
Owner is Dervish he speaks perfect English. He is very professional and a great guy. I highly recommend him. His phone number is

Looking for a car, is one of the big hurdles of living in NC. There is a high import tax imposed on vehicles and the prices of vehicles are very high. I have spent weeks looking for the right vehicle at the right price. I have been to almost every car dealership in Nicosia and spoke with many car salesman. Not all good.
Dervish and his family own "Carland" in Guzelyurt the town about 3 miles away from the resort. I explained to him the type of vehicle I was looking for. He said had something similiar that he was having a engine rebuild and would be available in a few months. I returned to the UK and waited. Next time I visited "Carland" he had the vehicle, it was indeed perfect for me. It had a cheap taxation bracket, a smaller 4x4 with 5 seater capacity and storage. I purchased it. Now it isnt that so simple as a UK purchase. Dervish drove me everywhere, he personally organised everything for me from visiting the town hall, documentation, insurance, everything. And the vehicle was good just like he said.
Now my vehicle story doesnt end there. My vehicle story doesnt end there. Somebody hit my vehicle and damaged some bodywork. I will keep it short. Dervish from "Carland" stepped up and helped me again. Organised everything for me, after the insurance work was completed, I went for a total repray. I returned to the UK for another 6 weeks. During this time Dervish stored and delivered my vehicle to the vehicle repairer. And organised everything. I returned to NC and picked up my vehicle. It was perfect indeed. It has been restored inside and out. Its like new. Im not kidding. I will explain in the next link.

Maps of Cyprus to download.

Great website to download maps of Cyprus road maps to topography. [LINK]

News Page

Here is the latest news from the Kite resort.