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Kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing lessons are available all year round. Through our onsite Kite shop at the resort.
Although if you visit us you dont have to take lessons. Competant riders can simply go off and explore with a little help and advice from us locals. Many couples prefer to go off and explore, if you wish can fully intergrate you into the ocal kite community. All options are available.

During KiteboardingUK.com organised "Kite Camps" which are organised throughout October to May every year. KiteboardingUK provide heavily discounted Kitesurfing lessons. However KiteboardingUK crew are only based at the resort during UK winter months. During UK Spring and summer they teach at their UK Kite school and Kite Shop based in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. UK. 01502 512768 email: info@kiteboardinguk.com
If you wish to have your English speaking lessons, with the KiteboardingUK instructors.
Then you will get the standard UK BKSA IKO schooling. Of course local Cyprus knowledge and UK knowledge which is shared. You are taught to kite in open ocean, deep water kitesurfing conditions, the fact that we are in sunny Cyprus is irrelavent. despite it being a total luxury.
If you wish you can get a personal service. Driven to local beaches, more suitable for schooling, beginners, depending upon local wind conditions. So its more of a full on kitesurfing lifestyle experience.

Student numbers are maximum 2 per instructor, to make the whole thing more fun and it doesnt put us under any time constraints/pressures. Remember our instructors also want the experience to be fun. Its makes for a better overall kitesurfing experience. Lets face it, you are about to change your whole lifestlye. KiteboardingUK make kiteboarders for life and the initial introduction to the sport is very important.
Ideally Northern Cyprus Kitesurfing is better for intermediate kiters who already have IKO BKSA day 3 training onwards, those that can jump and kite upwind, improvers looking for extra supervised kiting and organised downwinders, some wave riding etc. Although these skills are not essential. they are prefered.
If you are being taught from complete beginner, then some patience will be needed as NC can get very windy.
And sometimes for a complete beginner a little too windy, there are times during the day when wind peaks (5m +7.5M kites) and so beginners will need to be patient and wait for the wind to drop.
BKSA/IKO Instructors can bring their own groups of students if they wish and we will help and support you everyway we can. Allowing you free use of conference room and teaching tools.